Taza is the Spanish word for cup and our coffee shop name is inspired just by that. Why? Because it all starts with a simple cup. Coffee is even made more wonderful and more enjoyable. We’ve made sure that our cups are of the best quality in order to ensure that it thoroughly enhances your coffee drinking experience.

Our coffee shop started back in 2005 after we’ve decided to start hosting art fairs and live bands. Though it’s good on its own, we felt that there’s something lacking. Sure, we truly enjoy the art shows and decorations and we love our musical performers and other live performers (we sometimes host some live performances such as magic shows, comedies and other kinds of live entertainment), we really feel that there is still something lacking. That’s when the last piece of the puzzle was revealed and that’s where we completed it.

The answer is coffee! Coffee paired with art deco and exhibition is one of the best things that you can experience. The energy that flows from the coffee to your body invigorates you, giving you a clearer mind as well as an improved focus that will help you analyze and even appreciate the art in front of you. You sit on a table and talk to others about the art in display which comes in many different forms including but not limited to painting, sculptures, etc. while drinking a cup of good coffee. It creates connections and socialization. You get to meet people of similar tastes and you get to discover and learn more about other things as well. The things that they as well as the art that they like, along with their outlook in life as well as other personal stuff, that is, if you get close enough with a fellow patron. We’re not just a coffee shop, we are a small community here.

Of course, let’s not forget the soothing effect of coffee and when paired with live mellow music of a live performance, it’s even better. After a long day of work, you will certainly feel exhausted. You’ve gone through a whole day of suffering at work, where you deal with loads of people, and if you are in the customer service business, the tons of customers that you have to assist, and if you are a salaryman, then lots of work from your boss! Heck if not for coffee you will probably be losing your mind already. While we don’t deny the strength and effectiveness of coffee when it comes to reinvigorating your tired mind, body, and soul, it can still be further enhanced! How? By enjoying a live performance while socializing with like-minded people!

That’s the kind of coffee shop we want to build. A place where you can relax, have fun and forget the world around you (without getting wasted)! We have different areas in the shop dedicated to different moods such as the area where the live performance is held, the area where the art exhibition is held as well as an area where you can be in peace and quiet located upstairs.

We welcome anyone who wishes to enjoy a cup of coffee. Our offerings aren’t just limited to an invigorating cup of premium coffee. We also have a nice atmosphere and a lively crowd that you can certainly get along with.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns or if you want to get a reservation, you may contact us using the form on this page.

We hope you visit soon enough and enjoy our coffee and be a part of our community.